Michael Mancuso LIVE TV appearances!

KMPH FOX Studios, 5111 McKinley Drive, Fresno CA

Hi everyone! I'm SO excited to announce my first TV appearance promoting the new album! I'll be on KMPH FOX News' morning show, Great Day Friday morning from 7:50 am to 9:50 am (5 segments in all, 5 minutes each segment where I can sing songs from the new album. I'll be there with my Producer and mentor Ricky Dee (Rick DePiro) , guitarist Josh Aleman and drummer David Petithomme. The hosts Ki and Kopi, will interview me a bit for EACH song intro! If you miss it, please check out this link http://kmph.com/great-day/festive-friday/festive-friday-10617-michael-mancuso or visit uw at our final week at the W Hotel in Hollywood on Sunday night, 9:30